Friday, January 13, 2023

Does it need a new cover?

January 13, 2023

I can't speak for other authors, but after a while, I get tired of looking at the same old book covers. It's a problem because I generally create my own covers, and I'm not in the mood at the moment. I fear retirement is making me very lazy and that simply will not do. 

Creating my own covers is usually a fun endeavor. I love to play around with Photoshop - if I have a clear vision of what I want the end product to look like. If I don't have that vision, it gets frustrating. 

With summer coming (and it can't be too soon for me!), I thought I'd take a look at my three problem books and see what I should do to give them a boost for 2023. I'm talking about Netting Neptune, Taming Triton, and Poseidon's Pleasure

Something about those three books doesn't seem to resonate well, and I think people just don't get the titles. It's not mythology, for heaven's sake. I wrote them as an intentional trilogy which is why there is the reference to Neptune, Triton, and Poseidon. The God of the Sea isn't part of the stories. They are NOT fantasy stories. I just thought they were good titles. Now I think I went over a few heads which is not a good thing for an author to do. 

I don't want to change the titles because I don't want people to purchase the story with a new title and then realize they already own the story. That would not be good. It's happened to me a few times and it didn't make me happy. It's the only reason I've ever returned a book. 

So I'm back to should I or shouldn't I make new covers? I suppose I'll do it. I've not given those stories a look in a long time. I need to update the booklists in them, and maybe the author bio. It wouldn't happen at a publishing house, but I have no reason not to do updates. 

If you're looking for reads set in a sunny location to hide from the winter blues, give the Southern Cross series a look. I know they will surprise you.


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