Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Netting Neptune - new cover!

January 25, 2023

A few days ago, I shared my ponderings about whether or not the Southern Cross books needed new covers. Such things are usually on my mind for a while before I blog about them. One big thing to consider before undertaking a new cover is finding a layout that works. If parts of the older cover still work for me, I really hate giving them up. 

I began to play around with ideas for a new cover for Netting Neptune that would keep the guy dancing in the surf. I also knew I wanted to add the Southern Cross banner I made. But I needed a new guy, one without sunglasses, and I needed a new title font. I'm a lot better with Photoshop than I used to be and everything came together rather quickly. I like it. It's a change but not a huge one. 

One thing I gave serious consideration to was changing the titles of the first three Southern Cross books, but I decided against it. It might have aided sales on the series but it felt dishonest. The use of the name "Neptune" is figurative, not literal. If a book buyer thinks it's fantasy and bypasses the book, that's fine. Netting Neptune was, after all, written for ME. 

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