Monday, January 16, 2023

Is it time for Patreon?

January 16, 2023

Quite a while back I opened an account at Patreon for the purpose of being able to check out what was so special about the site. One of my must-read authors has a presence there and I wanted to see how she utilized the site. I also needed to know what terms of service Patreon required. 

I was still working at the time and I questioned if I'd be able to generate "exclusive" material. Then there's the entire "exclusive" issue. I'm not a fan of "exclusive." It seems to me to be part of a more liberal mindset than what I have. It's the reason I don't put my backlist on Kindle Unlimited. You'll find only one book of mine on KU, and that's the very short book of poems, Just the Rain. Frankly, you can find most of those poems previously posted on this blog. The book was my way of getting them together so I could have them on my Kindle.  

I may be in the process of changing my thinking about Patreon. 

The results of the Smashwords end-of-year sale are in. I moved a lot of books, and I do mean a lot. Now is the time for you to make note that I said I moved a lot of books. Yes, I sold a number of books, too, but the stats clearly show the freebies won. Those taking advantage of the sale swept up the four books they could get for free faster than Grant took Richmond. 

This led me to examine the value I place on my time, specifically the time it takes to write and market each book. That led to pondering the benefits of Patreon, if there are any.

I already create "exclusive" material right here at Between the Keys, at Holly Tree Manor, and at Deuce's Day. I also have a YouTube channel called The Hideaway. Everything I post at these four sites is free which is apparently what people want - free stuff. I've never monetized my blogs because 1) it seemed like too much hassle, and 2) I hate blogs with a bunch of pop-up ads. 

But this "something for nothing" mindset is bugging the hell out of me. I participated in that sale and it feels like I sanctioned piracy. I won't do it again.


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