Friday, August 25, 2023

And speaking of distractions...

August 25, 2023

The end of summer is upon us. I gaze through my office window and there is a smattering of leaves on the ground. In years past, those leaves would be bright yellow from the poplar tree but we cut that tree down last summer. This coming winter, its wood will keep us warm. 

I should not be gazing out the window. I should be writing, and not blogging. The current work-in-progress has languished this week while I did...what? Looking back at my daily notes, what I did was not much. Organizing the music CDs in one fell swoop was hardly necessary. The task could have been broken down into smaller segments across more days, days in which I wrote first. I didn't do it that way. There was also a trip to town for groceries and a test run of the log splitter. And then there was Twitter or X as it is now called. 

What to do about Twitter/X? I've actually thought about leaving it, but the platform itself isn't the problem. 

I spent far too much time on that platform, whatever the hell you want to call it. My feed is full of beautiful American muscle cars and I can't take my eyes off the shine! I click the little heart and I get more cars. And I do love American muscle cars. But I should be writing. 

One of the deciding factors in retiring from employment last year was my desire to get back to writing, so why am I allowing distractions to keep me from it? It's a fucking lack of discipline, that's what. I recognize it. I just don't do anything about it. 

That needs to change. I've been home for over a year now and I admit that settling in with the spouse was important. I tried to be deliberate about the adjustment of us being together 24/7. We're both armed. Shooting each other would not have been productive. Now we've reached the point where we believe we can accommodate each other. Leaving him to his own devices so I can write shouldn't be a problem but I enjoy spending time with him. Still. 

There are deer on the other side of the window. We had a large group of fawns born this year and they dance around like little sprites. I've seen it before but I always stop what I'm doing to watch. The nature around me feeds my soul. Is that an excuse for not writing?

It's obvious I'm going to struggle with the distractions surrounding me. No self-help book will help me if I'm not willing to shut it all out and write. And I already have the tools necessary. I know I need to set aside a block of time each day for writing and stick to it. The real question is why am I not getting that done? 

Maybe I need to close the drapes.


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