Saturday, February 17, 2024

A snowy morning can be inspirational

February 17, 2024

Last night's weather forecast was abysmal - four to eight inches of the white stuff was coming. As usual, the weather guessers were off. The measurement equaled a normal-for-us of two and a half inches. I was happy about that, let me tell you. I was so happy I wrote about it over at Holly Tree Manor/The Hideaway and set up a page for a series of snapshots I took this morning. 

Sometimes it's good to stop and look. My life is currently less than peaceful, but it was easy to forget everything as the sun topped the mountain and turned the woods into a winter wonderland. Hours later, it's still lovely. The wind is blowing the snow off the limbs in quick gusts which gives the appearance of snowfall. 

I think I needed this quiet morning to simply breathe. 


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