Wednesday, May 4, 2016

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May 4, 2016

The Insecure Writer’s Support Group

I’ve been published since 2003 and if there is still one thing I struggle with, it’s sticking to my officially scheduled writing time. I have a pretty good idea of everything I need to cram into a single day. Work, family, friends, home & hearth, puppy Deuce, writing.

Did you notice how writing is at the tail end of that list? So it is in real life.

So many times I get to my office and I’m simply too brain-numb to make the words come out. Is it lack of discipline that I allow myself to give up for the evening before I’m even started? I think it’s safe to attribute a small degree of “blame” to that. It’s difficult to be disciplined when you fall asleep over the keyboard.

There was a day I didn’t have this problem. Now I feel that the day job gets the best of what I have to give and everything else in my life gets the scraps. Without a doubt, I’m tired. I console myself by looking at my countdown clock several times a day, but it doesn't really help. 

It’s time to do something differently. Perhaps I need to get up earlier and do some writing before the day job. Give the writing the best of me and let the day job have the scraps. Who knows for sure?

What I do know for sure is the way it’s going isn’t going to get it done. It’s up to me to make the change, make it stick, and make the writing happen. 

KC Kendricks


Loni Townsend said...

I've found I can't write at night. My best time is in the middle of the day. So I typically use my lunch time to get my writing in. It may only be 200 words, but still, it's something. I'm not sure what your day job is, but maybe you can accomplish something similar?

Victoria Adams said...

The thing we all crave to do - always seems to get put on the back burner - let's all get super rich - so we can stay home all day and write :-)

KC Kendricks said...

Hi Loni! Thanks for stopping in at Between the Keys. I use my lunch hour as the opportunity to get outside and take a walk. I'm on the computer for so much of the day, getting out and moving is important. The idea of blood clots from sitting is very scary!

Hi Victoria! Getting super rich would be super fun! Let's go for it!

Diane Burton said...

I'm brain dead at night. My writing is best in the morning. I am retired, so writing is my job. I still have family & friends, a social life, home & yard, etc. Last month, I let all that consume me. This month, I'm determined to write first, social media, et al. come 2nd.