Friday, October 26, 2018

JMO - I need a new homepage

October 26, 2018

I'm a fan of headline news. My homepage is set to Yahoo so I can get my mail and my horror-scope first thing in the morning. You can tell an awful lot about an article just by the Yahoo headlines.

Take anything that says, "Sponsored." I avoid "Sponsored" like it's the plague. Too many click-throughs. Who has the time?

Yahoo Lifestyle. Nope. I don't go there, either. One of the recent headlines through Yahoo Lifestyle had a nun yelling at a woman for breastfeeding her baby. Okay - in order to write this post I went and took a look at the article. As I suspected, more is gleaned from what it DOESN'T say.  It left me wondering if the intent was rabble-rousing.

Health headline - we need more protein. Heck, we knew that back in 1984 when Wendy's asked all of television land, "Where's the beef?"  What? We still can't eat beef in 2018? Seriously? 

Style section. Who's style? The Duchess of Sussex in Oscar de la Rents shouldn't be a headline. We EXPECT her to wear Oscar freakin' de la Renta.

Politics. Oh, my God. Make my head hurt why don't you? 

Stock market. Oh, my God. Make my head hurt worse. 

I think the jury is in. I'm making my blog my home page. Forget all that other crap. I want my little orange hexes to make me feel happy. Orange like a happy sunrise. 

KC Kendricks

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