Wednesday, October 3, 2018

New today! Steel Wheels by KC Kendricks

October 3, 2018

Welcome to Between the Keys! Today I'm highlighting the new release, Steel Wheels. Steel Wheels is the fifth installment in the Ian Coulter's Amethyst Cove series. This time, Ian and Rick help a friend who is targeted by a blackmailer. 

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Now here's a spicy hot tease from Steel Wheels. There's more at my website, too. Enjoy!


From Steel Wheels:

Sprawled back against the pillows in the dim light, he idly stroked his hard dick. I paused to admire his lean frame. The familiar tingling settled in my balls. My cock swelled. I could look at him for hours and never get tired of the eye candy.

I perched on the edge of the bed beside him. “You need to gain back a few pounds. How’s the shoulder feel tonight?”

“It’s better every day but I sure hope I never get shot again. I really hated being helpless.”

I peeled my shirt over my head without unbuttoning and tossed it on the chair. “It was pretty fucking scary for me too, hon. Roll over and let me look at the incisions."

He grumbled and grunted but he flipped over. I got the bottle of vitamin E oil out of the drawer and dabbed some on the scars. “It still looks red and nasty. They really opened you up to reconstruct your shoulder blade. I’m glad it doesn’t hurt much any longer."

“It still aches, deep down, if I lift anything. It's different from in the beginning, though. It’s not like that pain.” He took the bottle from me, recapped it, and set it on the nightstand.

His shoulder blade had broken when the bullet struck it, deflected, and lodged near his spine. The reconstruction surgery had been long and involved. I didn’t doubt for a nanosecond it ached deep down. I stood and finished stripping. I flopped on the bed and we rolled to face each other. We hadn’t made love since obtaining the marriage license.

“It’s been a long five days.”

“Seems like years, babe. I’ve suffered these last few days. You almost got it up the butt in your sleep a bunch of times. Whatchya got in mind for tonight?”

I moved to press him beneath me. “Giving you a long look at the ceiling.”

He smiled and I kissed him, teasing his lips with the tip of my tongue. He stroked my back and sides with warm hands as he moved restlessly. I flexed my hips to his, coaxing him to join me in a mock fuck that would soon become real.

I showered kisses on his neck and shoulders on my way down to his dick. I had in mind to suck him off and then fuck him. He deserved a night of hedonistic pleasure. He buried his fingers in my hair as I went down over him, deep throat.

Giving good head is an art form. It’s very intentional. You have to pay attention to your lover and his responses. I had great material to work with. Rick was vocal about what felt good and, lucky for me, he thought everything I did was just right.

The thing was I’d figured out his signals. I knew by the way his thigh tensed under my palm if I was hitting it for him. When that long, lean muscle quivered, I knew I had him ready to pop.

I reached down to give my hard-on a stroke and moaned with relief. I wanted to be rock solid when I fucked him and I would be. Nothing short of being inside him would satisfy me tonight.

I swirled my tongue around the rim and licked the flat mushroom of his glans. He loved that move. I did it three more times and switched my attention to his balls. They drew up tight against his body and I moved back to his cock. His breathing changed.

“Ian. Stop.”

I released him with a little pop. Stop wasn’t a word I heard from him in the middle of a blowjob. “What?”

“Fuck me now.”


When Amethyst Cove’s reigning drag queen is blackmailed, private investigator Ian Coulter searches to find the truth. He doesn’t believe his friend committed a murder and he won’t allow money to change hands. He gets support from his FBI lover Rick Mohr.

Ian and Rick have conquered a long road to be together. Working together is easy. Keeping their relationship strong is more difficult. With their wedding day approaching, Ian questions if he can go through with the ceremony but not his love for Rick.

When Ian is propositioned, Rick falls back into old ways. Ian’s guiltless but overcoming his jealousy isn’t easy for Rick. With time running out, they leave no avenue unexplored in their quest to find the truth and the blackmailer – before the honeymoon cruise.  

Steel Wheels is available at iTunes/Apple, Amazon, Kobo

Coming soon to other online booksellers.

KC Kendricks


Susanne Matthews said...

Well done!

Author Lea Bronsen said...

Well, that was one hot scene. And you had to stop there!?

KC Kendricks said...

I had to stop. I already gave away an orgasm this year :)

Kimberly Gould said...

Rawr! Love it!