Monday, July 25, 2022

That moment when

July 25, 2022

There is a moment in the writing of each story when everything snaps into place. The chapters leading up to and including the ending materialize and the muse is in a rush to get to those two magic words - The End.  

The moment can't be forced but the muse doesn't care about such things. She'll ride me until I forsake my spouse, my dog, and my chores in favor of finishing the story. But experience has proven that the story will be ruined if I allow her to rush me forward. 

If you're a regular here at Between the Keys, you know I finally retired at the end of May. I'm almost two months into it, and it has been fairly consistent with my expectations. It has taken me a bit longer to get up to speed with getting some structure into my days so I can write, but it's beginning to gel. I'm beginning to establish a groove similar to the one I had while working the day job but during the day instead of the evening. I suspect those hours will shift with the waning daylight and that's just fine. I expect to make those seasonal adjustments. 

I'd worried over one of the story elements in Riding Against the Wind, so much so it impeded progress. I've settled that in my mind and the words are flowing. Not only that, but I have hopes of finishing a Rayne Forrest story I started quite a while back.

Time is both friend and enemy. It's up to me to use both sides of the equation to my benefit.

Stay tuned because coming soon - Riding Against the Wind, the sequel to Ride Your Luck.


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