Thursday, February 2, 2023

A promo card for Shine A Light

February 2, 2023

Happy Groundhog Day! That little varmint "saw his shadow" and so we're in for six more weeks of winter. Of course we are! Look at the calendar and you'll see winter doesn't end until mid-March which is six weeks from now. We'll make it through.

I suppose it's the coming of spring that has me updating covers and promo cards. The WIP is really coming along, too. I've got begonia cuttings started, and yesterday I dared to plant a tray of marigold seeds. I'm definitely thinking spring!

Yesterday, I was debating what book on the backlist I should promo next. I settled on Shine A Light and discovered I never made a promo card for that book. I started making those cards to use on Twitter, but these days those stupid TikTok vids are taking over. I guess I need to start unfollowing people to get away from the narcissists. But I digress...

Shine A Light. It's a good solid story if I do say so myself. I've let it languish and that's my bad. Making the promo card was a snap. I had several images already on file so with a bit of manipulation with Photoshop and it was finished. I would have preferred to have the lettering in white, but white faded against the background. Sometimes you can't have it all. 

Now I can work Shine A Light into the promo rotation. That's a good thing.


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