Sunday, February 19, 2023

Fun with Facebook

February 19, 2023

Fun with Facebook. That's not what I've been having.

I knew one of the things I'd have to get better at after I retired is promotion. It's a cold, hard fact that a writer's best PR person is them. No one cares about your work the way you do. No one. To that end, I steeled myself to go to Facebook and join a few groups. I don't have a clue how many I'm in, but I've found posting a promo in a group with PROMO in the name is not as straightforward as one would believe. 

Several months ago I admitted to keeping a spreadsheet that helps me to not post in the same group several days in a row. The spreadsheet also helps me to spread out the books. I really do want to show a little intelligence, and respect, as I go about promo posting. 

The spreadsheet has evolved over the past few weeks. It started out as one worksheet with everything on it in alphabetical order. Now it has six
worksheets: FB promo, MM only promo, Reviewed always, Paranormal/Sci-fi, a special sheet for those pesky Buy & Sell tabbed groups, and one for all the groups I've abandoned for reasons of spam. So why split them up like this?

Some groups always review my posts. I find that annoying so I only go there when the regular groups and the m/m groups have been visited. Some days I just don't have the time for making the notations I need to make because I record how long it takes the group admins to release my posts. I do this in case I determine a group needs to get transferred to the "abandoned" sheet and written off as far as I'm concerned. And then there is Facebook itself. Sometimes a post goes to "pending" for reasons that are unclear. Generally, if I delete the original post, and then re-post the same promo, it will go right to being published. This takes time. 

Then there are the groups that say they won't tolerate any spam and that's all that is posted. Those groups get moved to the "abandoned" worksheet rather quickly. It's a bit of a shame. These groups also waste a writer's time. 

I'll continue to allot time to do promotions but I'll also continue to tweak my process to use my time wisely. Wasting time makes me curse. No joke. It's pretty bad when I mention I'm going to go "have fun with Facebook" and the man of the house takes the dog and they go hide in the shed. 

Just saying. 


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Kyra Lennon said...

Promotion in FB groups is often a waste of time - people only go in to promote something, not to look at the other posts. A good way to get more readers is by going into your friends' FB author groups as those people are always eager to read something good. <3