Sunday, February 12, 2023

Southern Cross series: Updated covers

February 12, 2023

These books are not about mythology. The titles are metaphorical. Metaphor: broadly: figurative language; figure of speech denoting an idea or to suggest a likeness

A few weeks ago I contemplated whether or not the covers for the Southern Cross series needed a bit of a rework. I made a new cover for Netting Neptune and decided I really liked it, and then time got away from me. That happens to me when I have a lot on the go. Anyway... I finally have all five covers updated. 

The biggest changes are to Netting Neptune and Poseidon's Pleasure. All five got the new banner. After that, it was new promo cards for all five. 

Beyond that, I hadn't looked at Netting Neptune in quite a while. This book was originally published at Amber Quill Press and edited by both the book editor and a line editor. Somehow, the three of us missed more than a few things. That led me to the need to check all five manuscripts. 

After a long, arduous, and unhappy re-editing (those two editors were paid from my royalties and I trusted them!), I uploaded the improved manuscripts to Amazon, and went to "my content" to click and receive the updates. Well... I missed the part where Kindle updates at Amazon are now automatic as long as the Whispersync is on. Automatic, but not very fast. I'm still waiting for them to be complete on my newer Fire. 

I'm glad I did the updates, even though these are older books. They hold up extremely well, story-wise, and I'm not at all ashamed to be ready to go out and promo them this spring. If you'd like to know more about the series, please visit the Southern Cross overview page. 

And now I have to go do some of those things that keep me busy. I need to go purchase a new washing machine. The fun never ends. 


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