Saturday, February 4, 2023

The night the Internet died

February 4, 2023

Oh, my Lord was last night no fun at all. Have you EVER been cooped up after dark on a cold and windy night with a grumpy old man whose Internet streaming has failed? You do not want to go there.


In a word, it was awful. We lost everything. No Internet. No streaming. But there was screaming! And wailing! No, it wasn't me. I landed in front of my computer and worked on the current WIP. In other words, I hid in my office. 

We knew something was going on when the movie we were watching started to buffer. That hasn't happened in several years. A few years ago we had a neighbor who is a technician at our local cable company. When he moved in up here on the mountain, the cable company needed to run a line to him. Ha. Ha. They couldn't do that without crossing my right of way through my cousin's property. We struck a deal. They could cross my cousin's property and my lane to the box if they ran a cable to us at no charge. My cousin and I were rather happy with the deal because it would have cost each of us, especially me, a bundle to have the cable buried. Anyway, it's been a good installation until last night, outside of a few storms that were beyond their control. 

No cable put Himself in a really bad place. He called the cable company and they said they couldn't send any out until Monday afternoon. BOOM! His head exploded. The man was snorting for hours. Finally, it got late enough for me to go to bed and escape the grumbling.

First thing this morning, he was on the phone again. Only this time, I think the tech that took his call was our old neighbor. Unlike the so-called tech on Friday night, our Saturday morning guy fixed us up in about twenty minutes. We don't know what commands he gave his computer but we know it worked. He had us up and running with an apology that we'd had any problem. 

I'd like to say I'm not pissed off at the Friday night guy, but that would be untrue. That he didn't give a fuck is obvious. He didn't even try to look into the problem. He simply passed it on to someone else. Why would he need to waste his time on an old couple? I tell myself to be patient, tolerant and accepting, and then something like this happens. 

Maybe we aren't the ones who need an attitude adjustment. Just saying. 


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Kyra Lennon said...

I would have been fuming at that level of poor service! I don't do well when my internet connection goes out lol x

KC Kendricks said...

Thanks for stopping by Between the Keys, Kyra! We were both a bit angry after the Friday night call, and then to get full knowledge on Saturday that the boy simply didn't want to help us made it worse. We're not pleased at all but like so many other people, our only other option is to go back to the satellite. Been there, done that. It's not great either.