Thursday, March 30, 2023

Was this a call for help?

 March 30, 2023

There is an overwhelming preponderance of evidence on social media that writers are fueled by coffee. I can attest this is at least partially true. My morning routine does not vary.

I get up and let my slippered feet take me to the coffee pot, where I pop a pod in the brewer and press start. Then I shuffle to the door and step outside with Deuce so he can do his outside activities. We come back inside and my coffee is ready for a splash of creamer. Then, and only then, I turn on the computer. 

Having a morning routine is a wonderful thing for me. I like a bit of structure to start the day. It gives me a chance to settle into being awake. And yes, first thing in the morning, coffee is the "nectar of the gods."

So, why is there herbal tea in my cup? 

Every once in a while I realize I've over-caffeinated myself. It comes on with a few achy joints and tender spots. I notice my heartbeat gets a little jumpy. My bladder goes into overdrive (which is inconvenient as hell!). At that point, I will do two things: 1) stop at ONE cup of coffee or 2) switch off to tea for a day, then decaf for a day. That seems to clear the caffeine back to the level where it doesn't bother me. 

So, what's the picture about?

This morning I fixed a cup of tea and set it down on the coaster. Then I had a good laugh at myself because it looks like I'm about ready to call for help because I have tea! 

If you can't laugh at yourself, you shouldn't laugh at anyone else.


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