Saturday, March 4, 2023

The things that matter


March 4, 2023

This meme popped up in my Twitter feed and I read it and moved on. Then I went back for it. I guess the morning coffee hadn't kicked in the first time. 

Twitter is one of my guilty pleasures. Yes, most days there is a lot of crap to hop over, but little jewels like this one do exist. 

To phrase it another way, stop doing the things that don't matter (first) so you have time to do the things that do matter. 

In order to stop focusing on the things that don't matter, we must first identify them. Why are we taking out the trash instead of writing? It could be the trash truck is a mere three houses away and we'd better hurry. It could be the trash truck won't pick up until tomorrow. Prioritizing isn't easy. Overcoming our (possibly) brainwashed way of doing things isn't easy. 

As I prepared for retirement, I got a letter-sized desk calendar. It's a Day Designer that has a page for every day. The days have sections for Schedule, Today's Top Three, To-Do, and Notes, plus an inspirational saying. There are two small sections at the bottom for Tonight and for Gratitude. It's been a big help to me to be able to look at what I've done during the day and see areas I want to improve. I'm not strict enough with my time. 

I've embraced "retirement" and enjoy time spent with the Lord of the Manor doing not much of anything. He spent a lot of time alone in the last thirty years while I was at work. Setting aside what I'm working on to spend time with him when he is taking a break is something that matters to me even though it doesn't show on my desk calendar as productivity. Do I need to be a productive writer every free moment of the day?

Perhaps not, but I need to be cognizant of my use of time. It's time to use that desk calendar a little more proactively. That "Today's Top Three" block needs to be used to identify the things that matter, like time with loved ones.  


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