Tuesday, April 2, 2013

2013 A-Z: Between the Moon and the Deep Blue Sea

Due to Amber Quill's closing, this title is temporarily out of print. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It's All About the Books

Day 2 of the 2013 A to Z Blogging Challenge

Welcome to the 2013 A to Z Blogging Challenge! This is the third year I’ve participated in the challenge, and I hope to once again make it through on time. It’s not easy - it takes a lot of organization - but it’s worth all the effort to reconnect with bloggers from last year’s challenge and to meet new people and make new friends.

This year, It’s All About the books and today for B we have Between the Moon and the Deep Blue Sea. The story is set on Ocracoke Island, a fave vacation spot of a cousin of mine. I love the pictures she takes of the island and the stories about the residents. One of these years I plan to accompany her and see Ocracoke. Until then, her pictures, and her stories, will have to suffice.

Between the Moon and the Deep Blue Sea has been a sort of unofficial fourth story in the Southern Cross series. With Catching Fireflies, it’s “officially” the fourth installment and Catching Fireflies is the fifth. Yes, website updates are definitely in order.  


Chad Collier’s had enough of providing stud service to rich men. It’s true he’s had more fun than any one man deserves, but now it’s time to make a plan for the rest of his life. At the urging of a mentor, he takes a leap of faith and breaks with his old ways. Yet a job interview lands him smack in the path of Darcy Paulson, the sort of rich man Chad vowed to avoid. 

Darcy Paulson came of age as the prodigal son in a wealthy manufacturing dynasty. Every man he’s ever met has been after his money, until Chad Collier shows up on his doorstep. Darcy finds Chad prickly, standoffish, and utterly irresistible. Smitten by Chad’s dark good looks and determination to stand on his own two feet, Darcy is happy to give him an opportunity. It doesn’t take long for them to figure out that some private, no-strings fun is what they both need.

An unexpected event brings them face-to-face with the truth. The magic that happens between the moon and the deep blue sea is something a man can’t own, and it can be fully experienced only in the arms of a lover...


…His low, husky voice rippled over me in the small space. I stood still, unmoving, caught between fight and flight, as his warm palm stroked my side. I looked up into his glittering eyes and fell into his intent. Hot blood pooled in my groin. My cock surged full in a handful of pounding heartbeats. Darcy’s dark pink tongue flicked over his lips, leaving them moist. He meant to kiss me and, against all better judgment, I wanted him to do it. I gripped his hips and pulled him closer.

Darcy’s lips touched mine, soft and clinging, whispering promises. The sweet contact jolted though me with its unexpected tenderness. His tongue teased my lower lip, and all too soon he pulled away and left me wanting more. Darcy’s thumb traced the path across my mouth his tongue had taken. He licked his lips, as though he could still taste me. All the while I stood rooted to the floor, aching for him to kiss me again, and cursing my own cowardice. I knew if I kissed him, he wouldn’t push me away, but I…

“I won’t hurt you, Chad. I swear.”

“Don’t promise me anything, Darcy. You don’t know where my head is these days.”
His hands skimmed my sides. “Fair enough. Just don’t lie to me and tell me you don’t want to be kissed again.”

I let my hands fall from his hips. “What I want and what’s best for me right now are several galaxies apart.”

Darcy studied me for the longest thirty seconds of my life, then nodded. “Okay. I’m backing off.” The corner of his mouth twitched in a quirky smile. “I don’t want to, but I will.”

The tiny spark of hope longing for him to push me past my reluctance died, and only when it faded did I realize what I’d done…


If the blowjob was hot, was it still stupid? I knew the answer was ‘yes’, but I kissed him anyway. I didn’t linger at his lips – I needed to catch my breath.

“So. Darcy. You always carry a rubber in your pocket?”

He snorted and rolled me onto my back. “I’m gay. What do you think? Don’t you?”

“I usually do, but this wasn’t in the plan, you know.” I grabbed his hands to stop him from pulling my pants completely off. “Let me up.”

“Oh no. I want you, Chad. I’ve got another rubber, and this was in my plan.”

His intent jolted through me. He meant to fuck me right here on the floor. I held him at arm’s length. “Now, wait a minute. This isn’t going to work for me.”

Darcy froze. His expression darkened as he moved toward anger. “You think it’s acceptable to leave me hanging, all hot and bothered, so long as you get off?”

“Don’t get pissy with me, Darcy. I’ve never let a guy up my ass, and this…”


“For God’s sake, don’t look so shocked. I’ll laugh, and you’ll be all hurt.” I twisted out of his grasp and tried to yank my jeans up. Strong hands closed around my hips to pull me back into the curve of his body. Soft lips nibbled on the back of my neck as his fingers teased my ass.

“I agree. The kitchen floor isn’t the place for auspicious beginnings. My bed is.”

I’d gone all shivery from what he was doing to my butt. The light strokes of his fingertips brought to memory the moans of pleasure I’d drawn from other men. Could he do that to me?

“Let me go, Darcy. I not ready for this.”

I felt the anger snap through him. It was there in the way the length of his lean body stiffened, the sharp intake of his breath. Abruptly, he shoved away from me and rolled to his knees.

“My mistake, Chad. You won’t get the chance to use me again.”

His words cut painfully into the part of me that struggled to break free of the mistakes of the past. I tripped my way to my feet, tossed the used rubber in the trashcan, and zipped up.

“I’m not using you. You started this. Yeah, I was wrong not to stop you, but you bushwhacked me – twice now!”

Darcy got to his feet with more grace than I’d mustered, and glared at me. Even pissed off, he had pretty blue eyes.

“Why the fuck didn’t you stop me? Oh, yeah. Must have been that woody you popped up for me, huh?”

“Pardon me all to hell for being human! I never said I don’t find you attractive.”

Darcy’s eyebrows slid toward his hairline. I refused to blink under his scrutiny.

“Andrew says you’re broke.”

Maybe I was broke in more ways than one, but Darcy referred to my lack of funds. “What if I am? Do you think I’d come all this way looking for work if I had money?”

“Why didn’t the ex, what was his name? Sidney? Why didn’t he set you up?”

“Because I wouldn’t take his money. I didn’t want it. So now what are you going to do, Mr. Paulson? Offer to pay to fuck me?”

Darcy looked me up and down, then shrugged. “I’m going to eat my dinner unless it’s charred to ash.”

I stood, my mouth hanging open, as he got the bottle of wine out of the freezer and a corkscrew out of the drawer.

I hadn’t even gotten my hands on his dick.


Between the Moon and the Deep Blue Sea is available at Amazon and other online booksellers. 

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Angelica French said...

A great excerpt, K. C. I look forward to more posts. I will check out this title! I have had some trouble posting a response this morning. I hope there are three versions of this out there! LOL

Jianne Carlo said...

Great post. I have friends who also write for Allure and had the good fortune of meeting Trace last year.

baygirl32 said...

I can't say I've heard of that book before.

Hope you are enjoying the A to Z challenge

A to Z Ninja Minion

KC Kendricks said...

Hey, cyberspace loves me, too :) It's always the big question, "Will it post?" Sometimes yes and sometimes no LOL!!!

KC Kendricks said...

Hi Jianne! Trace is pretty cool. I didn't get to go to Chicago last year, but maybe I'll get to meet him face-to-face one of these days. Thanks for stopping by Between the Keys.

KC Kendricks said...

Hello Baygirl32! Learning new stuff and finding new books, tech toys, crafts, recipes - it's the great thing about the A to Z Challenge. Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Excellent snippet. I'm in awe to think you have 26 books! :) See you tomorrow.

Elise Fallson said...

Great excerpt. Is it me or is it hot in here? (: I've never been to Ocracoke, but it sounds like a beautiful place to visit.

KC Kendricks said...

Thanks for stopping by the blog! Ocracoke is one of my dream destinations.

Graydancer said...

If the blowjob was good, is it still stupid? Poignant and hilarious at the same time, regardless of genre. Great excerpt!

KC Kendricks said...

Ah, well, who among us hasn't had great sex then looked in the mirror and said something to the effect 'that wasn't too smart'? (And we still remember it fondly!) Thanks for stopping by Between the Keys!