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S is for Sundown

2013 A to Z Blogging Challenge

It's All About the Books

Day 19
April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day!

Welcome to my little corner of the blogoshere and the 2013 A to Z Blogging Challenge. Have you been visiting the different bloggers? I know there are too many to get to every one, but it’s great fun to pick a couple every day and go meet the blogger.

We’re rapidly approaching the home stretch and I’m pretty pleased I’ve kept up for a third year in a row. It would be easy to do a little backsliding, but I signed up for it and by golly I’m gonna do it!

Today S is for Sundown, my mischievous shapeshifter. He got a bit miffed when I interviewed Fallon and I had to promise him equal time. So last night, much to my surprise, he knocked on the door. Yes, it was the knocking that surprised me. He usually comes right into my study and makes himself at home.

Here’s an excerpt of our conversation that I hope you’ll enjoy. I’ve used the initials from his real name, Czun Dun Nhunfi and not the name he gave for Fallon to call him.


KC: So you’re out running about the woods this evening? Please tell me you’re not leaving Bigfoot tracks around here. (He looked a little bashful at this point.)

CDN: Have you not seen the show on television where they seek the Sasquatch?

KC: Okay, you did, but please stop it. And if you can’t help yourself, you need to leave bear tracks, or maybe cougar tracks.

CDN: Very well.

KC: I’d want to change the subject, too, if I were you. Fallon told me you’ve learned to drive.

CDN: It was fun, although I must confess Lt. Roxbury was not very enthusiastic about the process.

KC: I think because you scared him, Sundown.

CDN: I have been a passenger in his car many times. This would be what you refer to as “turn about is fair play” would it not?

KC: In all probability. I heard you enjoyed running through the woods on four paws on your vacation.

CDN: I was informed vacations are where one has as much fun as one can handle. Is this not true? Fallon and I had a great deal of fun. By the way, you should make sure your cat is inside at night. I have seen several coyotes very near here, although they would not approach me.

KC: Because they know you’re different. Be careful, Sundown. We have a lot of hunters here on the mountain. Do any Chal still live up here?

CDN: Only three, but they are not members of Clan Nhunfi and I do not know them well. They are old ones and seek solitude so we do not intrude on them.

KC: You’re a mystery to a lot of the Chal, aren’t you?

CDN: I am a direct descendant of one who died long ago. My existence was kept secret for many years.

KC: What made you… hmm. I’m not sure how to ask this since the Chal don’t actually give birth. What made you join your fellow nestling when you did?

CDN: I am a catalyst, a mirror image, of most Chal. Even while I remained within a host Chal, I learned many things. The Chal verge on a new era and I came to help guide them into it.

KC: What new era? I’ve not heard of this before.

CDN: The Chal are many. Our presence on your world is becoming known. Already many live as I do with a human companion. Technology exists that makes it possible to identify our DNA. We must adapt, and we must find new ways to protect ourselves until we are accepted.

KC: And I’m part of educating the humans that we’re not alone and the Chal are not a threat.

CDN: Yes. We appreciate your help. But not all feel as you do. To some we are evil and must be destroyed. These are the ones we must reach and the hearts we must change. Once they are sure in their hearts we mean harm to no one, that we can in fact protect this world from the Others, more will accept us.

KC: I know, but it’s not easy. The best thing you can do is life your life honestly. It’s the best proof you can offer that the Chal deserve to live here. And I'd be careful telling too many people about the Others. It will frightend them. 

CDN: As long as the Chal are here, we will protect this beautiful planet. Even though the Others brought us here as slaves so long ago, we embraced this world. We share in it's bounty. Should we not all share in protecting and maintaining it so our nestlings can prosper?  

KC: You sound like an environmental activist, Czun Dun Nhunfi.
(He blinked his emerald green eyes at me here and I thought for a moment he thought I'd insulted him, but I didn't mean it like that.)

CDN: Fallon said once we should leave the polictal nonsense for others and simply do what we can do when we can do it and not expect a pat on the back for doing what is right.

KC: Well, Fallon's a smart guy.

CDN: I am fortunate he choose me.

KC: I had a little to do with that, you know.

CDN: And we both thank you.


We chatted a little more, but he was eager to get home. It seems he didn’t tell Fallon how far afield he planned to come this night. He told me a few more things which will be in an upcoming book after I’ve had time to sort it out and write the story. Stay tuned!

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