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R is for River Walk

It's All About the Books
2013 A to Z Blogging Challenge

Day 18
April 20, 2013

For this A to Z Blogging Challenge, I’ve been concentrating primarily on the books which leads us straight to R is for River Walk.

River Walk is the third installment in the Sundown series, and it cuts a wide path to delve into the Chal and their shrouded past. What are the Chal? The short answer is they are shapeshifters who have lived on Earth for at least a millennium. Where’d they come from? What are they doing here? Are they a threat to humans? River Walk touches on some of that as Fallon is forced to ask his Chal lover Sundown some hard questions.

Sundown gives up a few of his secrets in River Walk. Some he’s happy to finally be able to share with Fallon - others not so much. River Walk takes a serious turn but in the end shows the strength of Fallon’s relationship with the two most important beings in his life - his lover Sundown and his cop partner, Sgt. Juny Mack.

River Walk also shows the depth of Fallon’s commitment to protect Sundown and his people. Fallon is first and foremost a cop. “Protect and serve” are more than words to him, and he makes some hard choices to protect and serve both the humans and the Chal.

The saga of Fallon and Sundown has endless possibilities for the singular theme that love overcome all odds. I hope you’ll enjoy the series, beginning with The Back Stairs, then Beneath Dark Stars, and then River Walk. With any luck book four, Moon Dances, will be available late 2013 or early 2014.



Gay romance with paranormal shift

Book three of the Sundown series

Detective Fallon Roxbury has a big problem. A twenty-year old cold case turned hot threatens to expose his secret - shapeshifters exist and they’re living in Montgomery Circle under his protection. Between a new witness and a group of fanatical alien watchers, Fallon’s scrambling to uphold the law and keep his promises intact. He already knows no power on earth can keep his shapeshifter lover from stepping into the mix.

Sundown has come into his own with his human lover by his side. Fallon is his compass, and shield, as he seeks to keep his Clan united and teach them most humans can be trusted. A catalyst, Sundown is rare among his kind, a descendant of heroes. The status of his Clan rests on him and he’s determined to see his people prosper on this world owned by humans - without the humans knowing shapeshifters walk among them.

Secrets have a way of being exposed. Fallon’s not the only one who knows about Sundown’s kind. A cop used to right and wrong being black and white, Fallon struggles to learn shades of gray. Their relationship is tested as Fallon and Sundown race against the clock to find a kidnapped shapeshifter before the Clan takes matters into their own hands. Because if they fail, Fallon knows his lover will be forced to stand with his people and act against him.


“So when do you teach me how to change shape?”

His eyebrows shot up to his hairline. “Fallon, wearing a different skin is not possible for you.” Sundown blinked rapidly, looking more and more shocked. “You would wish it?”

I shook my head. “No, I do not wish it for myself. It’s not normal for a human, Sundown. Come sit on the couch with me.”

I picked up my coffee cup and eased down on the brightly colored scarves covering his sofa. I loved his room with its red and gold brocades, bead curtains, and bright cloths. It made me nostalgic for the days of Woodstock even though I’d not been born until nine months after the Summer of Love changed the world. I lifted my arm and Sundown nestled in against my side.

“Are you angry with me, Fallon?”

Was I? Some inner knowledge assured me he’d not harmed me in any way.

“I’m concerned. That’s different. What happens if I get hurt and some doctor discovers weird little cells dancing around inside me?”

Sundown sipped his coffee. He licked his full lips and took another drink. He was trying to stall me in the hopes I’d ask something else and give him the opportunity to bypass giving me an answer. I wasn’t going to allow him to get away with such a ploy, not this time. I waited. Sundown finally sighed.

“It hasn’t happened yet, Fallon.”

His answer didn’t surprise me. The Chal used every means at their disposal to protect themselves and the clan, whether or not we humans would approve their actions.

“Here’s a news flash for you, lover. Forensic medicine has come a long way in a short time, and it’s possible today’s technology can detect those cells now.”

Sundown sat up straight and twisted to stare at me. I saw Czun Dun Nhunfi, the pride of his clan, before me. His quick intelligence absorbed the information, considered the ramifications, and developed options. I stroked his smooth cheek with my knuckles, and gave his words back to him, gently.

“It hasn’t happened yet, darling. How many humans have you done this to?”

His chin lifted. “You once accused me of using you as my science project. In this, you’re correct. The knowledge handed down to me said it was indeed possible to blend with a human in this way and thus know their thoughts. I needed to know if this were true.”

“You’re avoiding giving me a number, Czun Dun Nhunfi.”

“What was handed down said it was possible for those like me. My ancestors who were catalysts did this to gain knowledge of their captors. It is said without doing this, the Chal could not have escaped slavery on this world thousands of years ago.”

If the folks at SETI only knew how right they were – and how late they were to the game.


Gay romance with paranormal shift

Book three of the Sundown series

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