Saturday, April 6, 2013

F is for Fallon Roxbury (of the Sundown series)

April 6, 2013
Day 6
The A to Z Blogging Challenge

It's All About the Books

I recently had the opportunity to sit down for a discussion with one of my characters, Fallon Roxbury. Fallon recently returned from taking Sundown on his first-ever vacation since even shapeshifters need a break. We're collaborating on the events that occurred during that vacation for the next Fallon and Sundown story.  This “interview” took place on a Saturday afternoon.


KC Kendricks: Today I’m pleased to have Lieutenant Fallon Roxbury in my study. Thanks for stopping by, Fallon.

Lt. Fallon Roxbury: I know where to come to find good bourbon. (laughs)

KC: Stop it before my readers begin to think I’m an alcoholic or something. Are you really alone today?

FR: Do you see anyone with me?

KC: Well, no, but we both know he could be lurking anywhere.

FR: (rolls eyes) He’d tell you he doesn’t lurk, but I’ll tell you he’s a sneaky sort. But no, Sundown didn’t come with me today. An Elder from a neighboring clan is visiting, so his presence is required in chambers.

KC: I guess being a prince has its drawbacks. Fallon, why don’t you recount for my readers how you met Sundown?

FR: I was called to a crime scene. There was this girl there who told me, very cryptically I might add, that I’d find what I needed at the Montgomery Boarding House. I went there looking for a witness, but she didn’t mean that at all.

KC: So instead of a witness to the crime, you found Sundown wearing a different skin. You said he was sneaky.

FR. He divined I was gay and being female wouldn’t draw my attention, so the next time he appeared to me it was as a slightly younger version of the man you’d see today if he were here. I didn’t understand, at first, what was going on. It was a bit of a scramble to catch up with him.

KC: And then you thought you’d lost your mind.

FR: Wouldn’t you if your new lover told you he was a shapeshifter? You can laugh. It didn’t happen to you.

KC: Okay, okay. But I know you look back on those days and laugh, too. So tell my readers

how you met Juny? I don’t think you ever really told that part of your story.

FR: (laughs) I was a beat cop - a really green beat cop, and Juny was my lieutenant. I’m not sure why, but he took me under his wing. I think we recognized we’d have a friendship to last a lifetime. When he was busted back to sergeant, it was my turn to look out for him.

KC: What did he do to lose rank, anyway?

FR: Repeated insubordination. He called the captain out for being an idiot. I mean, he was right about the man, but you don’t stand up on your desk in the squad room and shout it out in front of God and all witnesses without repercussions, if you know what I mean.

KC: I do. He’s a smart guy, though. Surely he knew what would happen.

FR: He did. But the truth is more important to Juny than rank. So let me ask you a question. How are you doing on Moon Dances? Did I give you enough information about our vacation?

KC: (grins) I’m pretty sure you did. I’ve got it partially written, but I’ve got a June 1 deadline on a story, so I’m working on that one, too. But don’t worry - I wouldn’t miss telling everyone about Sundown learning to drive.

FR: You’d better tell them to get down on their knees and thank the good Lord they weren’t in the car with him. Jesus, what a menace behind the wheel!

KC: (laughing) It can’t be as bad as you said!

FR: No, it was freakin’ worse!

KC: You want a refill on that glass?

FR: Thanks, no. I’ve got to get going. He’s expecting me to bring dinner to the rooftop tonight. I just wanted to stop by and say hello since I was passing by this way.

KC: I’m glad you did! Stop in anytime. There’s always a bottle of Beam kept chilled in the fridge. Bring Sundown with you next time.

FR: I’ll do that. Hey, keep up the good work with the books, okay?

KC: You bet! And you keep catching the bad guys and solving cold cases.

FR: Thanks. We will. (kisses KC’s cheek) Later, doll.

KC: Bye, Lieutenant!


KC Kendricks


Cindy Dwyer said...

What a fun way of introducing your characters!

Nick Wilford said...

Nice interview, and the idea of shape shifting to lure someone's attention is intriguing!

Melissa Sugar said...

Hi, I am a new follower from the A to Z challenge, I am #550. I enjoyed your chat with your, character, Fallon. BTW, love the name.

KC Kendricks said...

Thanks for stopping by the blog! I've never interviewed one of my characters before. It would have been a problem if he'd refused to talk....