Saturday, November 11, 2023

Sumner's Garden - in the process of going live!

November 11, 2023

This morning I got my act together and finished uploading Sumner's Garden to the online vendors I use. I got Amazon taken care of yesterday, and to my surprise, a few copies have already moved with no promotion. I listed it at Barnes and Noble last night, but dang it. I spent most of yesterday outside in the rain burning brush. (Yes, I do that a lot. It's necessary when you live with over two hundred trees.) 

Now we wait a bit for Sumner's Garden to go live at all the other places: iTunes, Kobo, Scribd (which will soon have a new name), Smashwords, Tolino, Vivlio, and Gardners. I'll get an email notice when it goes up with the link. 

Writing Sumner's Gardner truly was for me. I'd wanted to write it for so many years I think I looked at it like it was just a dream. Now, thanks to retiring from the workplace in 2022, it's a reality.

I'll get additional links posted as they become available. Here's the cover blurb for Sumner's Garden.

 Runaway. Drifter. Andy Pulaski made choices.

Fate can rule with a gentle hand, and one bright summer day she deposited Andy Pulaski in Sumnerville. Needing to work to earn enough money to get to the next stop in his journey, Andy hires on with Tom Sumner to help the older man on his homestead. Andy may be a drifter, but he’s frequented public libraries and educated himself. He looks at every stop he makes as an opportunity to learn. Things are looking up and Andy may stay longer than the agreed two weeks.

Rafe Sumner isn’t too happy about his Uncle Tom hiring a scruffy drifter. He’s been Tom’s helper all his life even if he doesn’t always see eye-to-eye with his uncle. He doesn’t get along with his mother, either. He knows his father’s last name wasn’t Sumner and he knows the truth is out there somewhere. He just can’t find it.

Andy and Rafe develop a grudging respect for each other while working for Tom. It could be that what they’re seeking is right in front of them. All they have to do is look beyond what happens between them at night. 


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