Friday, November 3, 2023

Sometimes we really can't go back

November 3, 2023

Yesterday was it. Done. Finished. Completed. At least I hope so. 

Yesterday, I finished a six-week stint filling in for the young woman who was hired to do the job I retired from. She was out on maternity leave, so when they asked me to cover for her, I said yes. The word I was really looking for was NO. 

Doing the actual work was a piece of cake. I did it for twenty-two years, occasionally in my sleep. I stipulated I would work from home and only go to the office to pick up paperwork and run copies, etc. They set me up with remote access and away we went. 

Personally, I think remote access sucks. The first day, I went to the office and slipped a 256GB USB into the computer, and copied the files I needed. Yesterday, I transferred those folders back with my additions and updates. The idea that someone could watch me work, and with their new software it was possible, was unnerving and I was not going to allow it. 

As you may suspect, I gave an inch and they took a mile. I agreed to specific things and they pushed for me to do a lot more. One day, while I was in the office exchanging paperwork, I looked the CEO in the eye and said, "And that is one of the reasons I retired when I did. No. Not doing it." Talk about a shocked look - it was great! It felt good to get that out. 

I like being retired. I worked for fifty years, starting with a part-time job while I was in high school. I've paid every cent of the taxes the law said I was required to pay. I've always included every penny earned from royalties, too. Now I'm getting some of that back, as promised, from our government. I don't try to scam my way into more, either. 

I'm on the fence as to whether or not I should advise them that the next time our young lady needs to be off on leave, they'll need to look elsewhere. I will not be available. They did not change, but I did. 

My priorities truly are hearth and home. I set them aside and I regret that I did. Oh, they paid me well enough, but money doesn't rule my life. I have enough to see me through, at least until our current government regime of stupidity plunges us into even more civil unrest. 

Life should be about taking care of those things that matter to us. I worked long years to make money so I could have my home, debt-free. Today, I begin to enjoy it again. I've done my part. 


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