Monday, April 16, 2012

N is for the Next Project

On Being a Published Writer
April 16, 2012
A to Z Blogging 2012
Day 14
When I finished my very first story, I wondered if I could write another one. What if I was a one-book-wonder? How did other writers keep coming up with ideas for the next project? I really did worry and it was a waste of energy.

Every story starts differently. Some begin with a tiny seed, a single word. Some arrive complete and it’s a rush to get everything down on the page before it flees the feeble human brain. I never knew I had so many stories inside!

The longer I’m at this craft, the easier it is to develop the next project. I believe it’s a matter of building on the successes and not anything magical. It becomes a way of thinking.

In the beginning, you search for the seed. Once you find it, you plant it and nurture it. After a while, you recognize a worthwhile seed without the search, and you learn the best way to grow it is to leave it alone until the harvest. Yes, it really can be that easy.

But never forget that you are the fertile soil the story must grow in. Spend more time expanding your knowledge and abilities and less time going crazy because your plot doesn’t fall into the perfect W-plot or plot worksheet. Be glad it doesn’t! How cookie cutter do you want to be?

Be open to those tiny seeds. They’re all around you. It’s not magic - it’s awareness. Channel it using whatever method works best for you because every next project is your chance to strut your stuff and show the world how good a writer you really are.

KC Kendricks

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