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K is for Kiss

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April 12, 2012 - Day 11

Welcome to the 2012 A to Z Blogging Challenge. This year I’m focusing on things I’ve learned, observed and experienced in the nine years I’ve been published. If you’re a reader, I hope to offer an inside glimpse into the writer’s world. If you’re new to writing, I hope I can provide an insight or two. If you’re an established writer, maybe you’ll see similarities to your experience. Whatever path you walk, I welcome you to mine and hope you’ll enjoy the 2012 A to Z Blogging Challenge.

“A kiss is just a kiss.”

“It’s in his kiss.”

“Your kiss is on my list.”

“I want to kiss you all over…”

It’s hard to overstate the importance of mouth-to-mouth kissing in romance fiction. With both participants facing each other in a full frontal embrace, a kiss quite often does what our hero intends it to do. It leads to physical arousal in both participants, no matter of gender.

But how, as romance writers, do we vary the kiss? Basically, however we want to. Kisses are brief, soft, or quick. They can be deep and passionate. They represent a promise and a lure to pleasure. A kiss can soothe a hurt and punctuate shared laughter. A kiss can lay claim to a lover, or give a regretful goodbye.

Never be afraid to let your characters lead you to how they kiss. It’s a reflection of their personality, of their style. Work with them on it, don’t hinder them. But don’t be afraid to make them back up if they get it wrong.

The actual act of mouth-to-mouth kissing doesn’t vary that much. Lips meet, tongues dance, teeth nibble and tonsils get checked out. What makes the kiss special is the emotion that lies within it. Reach for that, and each kiss will be unforgettable.

The kiss is a moment of decision for both parties. Do they proceed toward a deeper intimacy, or retreat? As the writer, you choose, but you must tap into the emotions behind their next move.

Whether or not it takes one perfect sentence, or a couple of paragraphs, never underestimate the kiss.

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shelly said...

Great post on kissing. Too many times I've read a blah kissing scene.

danneromero said...

Very informational. My post was about a couple passionately kissing..... A first for me. I felt what I was writing, writing what I know....

Maria said...

You are spot on about the emotions behind kissing. As always its brain stimulation that gets fed down to other parts of the body.

Good post.