Saturday, April 9, 2016

H is for Help & for Hey, Joe (2016 A to Z Challenge and MSS)

Day 8
April 9, 2016

I'm doing double duty here at Between the Keys today. It's both a 2016 A to Z Challenge and a My Sexy Saturday blog hop day, so it's a little tricky.

We might not be Paul, Ringo, George or John, but we all need a little help from our friends. Case in point - today is Saturday so it’s another My Sexy Saturday.

My Sexy Saturday is a weekly blog hop for authors to showcase their work. The premise is to paste the list after your entry so people can hop to the next blog. Because the link stays up on those other blogs (and on this one) we’ve doubled, or even tripled, our promo time in one blog post.

Now I don’t personally know everyone who participates in the blog hop. Nor do they know me. But we set aside a few minutes almost every week to help each other out with some promo. It opens doors when we help each other. If one of those other writers would ask to promo a new release on my blog, I’d be more than happy to set them up at Saturday Evening Romance so they could work their back list as well as new releases. 

Look for ways to help others save time, and someone will look for ways to help you. And when you find a person willing to give mutual help and support, treat them well. The Fab Four had it right. We get by with a little help from our friends.

Now here are seven sexy paragraphs from Hey, Joe for My Sexy Saturday. Enjoy! 


“I can’t wait until you have your twenty years in for retirement and this crap is done and over forever. Anyway, I’m just glad you didn’t ask some gay guy here to fill in for me because, bucko, you’re not allowed to kiss anyone else, not even in the line of duty!”

Joe grinned, a wide smile that lit his entire face. His eyes sparkled with good-natured mischief.

“I don’t think I could kiss anyone else. You’ve ruined me for all other men.”

That was the man I fell in love with, the one before the job dragged him down and sucked so much of the joy out of him. And me.

But in a few short years it would be behind us. Joe could retire and pursue his dream of owning a pub. Maybe I could open a photo gallery right beside the pub. That would be fun, but that was for the future. I had a more immediate need.

I gripped his hand tighter as I stood and pulled him back to the bed. I had only one thought – be skin-to-skin with him. I let go of his hand only long enough for us to slip out of our robes and hop into bed. We stretched out on the sheets and jostled around until he pinned me down and kissed me.

I reveled in the feel of his thighs straining against mine and the easy flex of his hips as he rocked against me. It was the instinctive move of a male coaxing his lover to mate and I was never immune to it. His lips teased my ear.

Hey, Joe is available now at All Romance eBooks

Hey, Joe - A vignette of contemporary gay romance

New York City detective Joe Hamilton lives a double life as an undercover operative. When a case takes an unexpected turn, Joe finds himself separated from his partner. He scribbles a cryptic message in a birthday card and drops it in the mailbox.

Riley O’Shea kissed his partner goodbye at the beginning of a normal day only to have Joe disappear without a word. Riley’s worried but after a greeting card arrives with a date and flight number inside, Riley claims the ticket and boards a plane to Chicago. It’s the only way to get the answers he needs – and lots of reunion sex. 

 KC Kendricks

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Ann Bennett said...

Visiting from A to Z. Lots of work in your blog and writing and it shows. I like your dogs. I'm a fellow dog lover with a special place in my heart for labs.

Random Musings said...

I love the idea of all of you who link up also displaying the linky list so everyone has an extra chance of getting their posts seen

KC Kendricks said...

Thanks for stopping by Between the Keys! Don't forget to check out Deuce's blog. Click his picture.

I've been around long enough to know if someone is going to purchase someone else's book it doesn't hurt me a bit. If they buy my book - great! But no author's work appeals to everyone. That's just the way it is. So my philosophy is let's all pull together and do what we can, when we can, within the time frame we have open to us.