Wednesday, April 27, 2016

W is for Write the Right Story Now

Day 23
April 27, 2016
2016 A to Z Blogging Challenge

Do I really have enough time to write a story I don’t want to write? 

No. I learned early on that if the words aren’t coming, shut it down and move on to something else. While this has netted me a file full of half-thought about ideas, it has also given me a treasure chest of characters to choose from.

Having more experience, I can go back to those earlier idea sheets and mix and match to find the perfect pair. Maybe I’ll find the perfect match to the character I just wrote a new bio for. The possibilities are endless.

I think you see the point. Don’t struggle with something that isn’t flowing organically onto the page. It’s a waste of time - in that moment. Save it, and save future time by using it somewhere down the road.

Then settle down and write the story you want to write now. You'll be a lot happier with the end result.  

 KC Kendricks


W is for What You Don’t Confess

What You Don't Confess is available now at 
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Bright and beautiful, Cassidy Barlow is one of Marionville’s new breed of movers and shakers. Outspoken on political and social issues, Cass draws a lot of media attention, and knows how to us it. Out and proud, Cass makes no apologies for who he is, or who he wants – and he wants Dylan Donoghy. The only thing is, from where Cass stands, Dylan seems to be involved with two different men.

Coming out. The most difficult phrase in Dylan Donoghy’s vocabulary. Handsome, successful, wealthy, he’s made it this far in life with only his closest friends knowing he’s gay. Dylan has a good reason for that to change – his deepening attraction to Cassidy Barlow. It doesn’t come easy, but Dylan takes a few first steps out of the closet. It’s his only choice if he wants to be with Cass, even though he knows Cass has some secrets of his own.

Every man has a private past, and an unwritten future. What he won’t confess stands between the two.  

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