Saturday, April 30, 2016

Z is for Zig-Zag

Day 26
April 30, 2016

And so we come to the last day of the 2016 A to Z Blogging Challenge. I’ve zig-zagged all over time this year, sometimes making sense and sometimes not. In the end, I’m glad I did the challenge again. Will I hop onboard for 2017? I don’t know. Life changes and not always for the better or easier.

I sometimes wish my path through life traveled more of a straight line, but it’s the zig-zags that keep it interesting. From being a writer to raising a new puppy to caring for family members, I zig-zag through my days. And at the end of the day, my feet are rarely planted where I thought they would be at the beginning of the day.

Much of my blogging is done for myself. It’s a way for me to mull things over and see how I really feel about an issue. It’s a sort of thinking out loud. After the intense blogging in April, for the challenge, I generally fall silent for a while. I don’t have the luxury this year.

With the closing of Amber Quill Press, I’m busy getting my books back out as independent publications. Same stories, new covers. I’ll have to blog and promo more since AQPs mailing list died with the company. What a shame. So it might be time for you to sign up on my mailing list. (see the little button in the left sidebar) It’s a zig-zag in my well-ordered plans, I assure you.

Embracing the zig-zags of life isn’t a talent I came by naturally. It’s been hard work, but it has paid a few dividends. Each and every one of you who have come by Between the Keys, some multiple times, some only once, have done something to enrich my life even if it’s just a tick on the counter. That tens of thousands of people have been here is amazing.

My thanks to all of you. Stop back. I’ll still be here, zig-zagging through life, dreaming with my fingers, and exploring visions of life and love in the spaces down between the keys.

 KC Kendricks

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