Thursday, April 21, 2016

R is for Rewind

Day 18
April 21, 2016

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I believe it was Jim Croce who wrote in song lyrics we never have enough time to do the things we want to do once we find them. I think that’s true. I was forty before I completely acknowledged I was at my core a writer and that’s what I wanted to do.

Oh, maybe I suspected it, or actually knew it on some level, but I didn’t actively pursue it. I’m not angry that I waited so long. I think everything happens when it’s supposed to. But do I sometimes wish to go back and rewind? Sure.

Maybe it’s knowing I can’t do a rewind in time that keeps me better focused on moving forward. I think of the time I spent on idle pursuits and I wonder why I did them. My only excuse is I was younger then.     

If I could rewind my writing career, would I be as happy with the outcome as I am today? What direction would I have taken?

Would I have made the same wonderful friends? I wouldn’t want to lose any of them. 

Would I have learned the same things on different paths? 

Maybe the universe is right to keep the rewind button inactive.

 KC Kendricks


R is for Ride Your Luck

(Modern cowboy)
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Regan Oakley’s luck ran out. After a stint in rehab, he’s putting his life back together without the booze. What he thinks is an old friend’s charity is really a plea for help. There’s trouble at the Bar RC Ranch and the friend’s son is in the middle of it. Regan takes one look at Wythe Carver and knows that young man isn’t the only one with his world turned upside down.

Wythe Carver’s life took a strange turn. Suspected of murdering the ranch foreman, he’s hanging on, one day at a time. The person who could alibi him has disappeared and Wythe can’t find him. To make matters worse, his prize stallion is loose on the range. Complicating his life even more, his father called an old friend to come help out at the ranch. One look at Regan Oakley is all Wythe needs to know it’s going to get hot at night. 

Regan sets out to find the truth of what happened that night at the Bar RC. He’s sure Wythe is innocent, and he’s just as sure he has no business getting involved with the boss’s son. With no solid proof to clear Wythe, Regan needs to ride his luck to get to the truth and keep Wythe by his side

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