Wednesday, April 16, 2014

N is for Nostalgia

April 16, 2014

2014 A to Z Blog Challenge
Day 15
A Rural Life

N is for Nostalgia


I remember a kinder, gentler time, and I feel very blessed to have those memories. When I was very small, the adults in my family loaded all the kids up in a car caravan and drove over four hours to Ocean City, Maryland. 

No, we didn’t stay in a motel. We pitched tents on the beach somewhere north of the boardwalk. Can you imagine doing that now? They’d probably throw you in jail, but remember, this was a different time. No one blinked an eye at our four-tent camp complete with campfire.

My first encounter with the ocean didn’t go well. My mother couldn’t convince me to get in the water. In fact, it wasn’t until my father put his camera away and carried me into the surf that I agreed with the idea of getting wet with water that “smelled funny.” After he went out far enough for the waves to splash on me, I was fine. Well, until he put me down on the beach and went into the deeper water without me. I understand I screamed about that as only a four-year old can. 

Not too many years later our family vacation car caravan headed for the mountains and Dolly Sods. Again, we simply pitched out tents and no one bothered us. A park ranger did stop and remind us to store our food where the bears couldn’t get it, but that was all. The spouse and I visited Dolly Sods a few years back and it was really cool to find the locations to match the old black and white photos. Now there are designated campsites, too.

I’m sorry my younger cousins won’t know those times. Their vacations are planned out on the Internet and motel rooms booked well in advance of travel. And they have to be. The days of pitching a tent on the beach with no rules and regulations are long gone, and while their memories will be different, I’m sure they’ll be just as meaningful to them.

But I think mine of a simpler time are just a little bit better.


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KC Kendricks


Julia Matthews said...

Sounds like a love filled experience.

KC Kendricks said...

I had a lot of fun as a kid. Heck, I still have fun even though opportunities for it don't come along as frequently as before.

stu said...

My family holidays have always been things to avoid, but it's good to have memories.

KC Kendricks said...

That's really a shame. I'd give a lot to be able to revisit some family times together.

Anonymous said...

Loved your post. As we grow older, I find more moments fill us with nostalgia. When events happen often we don't realize how important they are- until much later!