Wednesday, April 23, 2014

T is for Tea Time - 2014 A to Z Blogging Challenge

April 23, 2014

2014 A to Z Blogging Challenge
A Rural Life
Day 20

T is for Tea Time

We’ve reached the last full week of this year’s blogging challenge – and only a week to go! As much as I enjoy this yearly test of personal resolve, I’m at the point where I’m eager to get to Z and take a little blogging break (as if such a thing were possible!).

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If there’s anything I envy about the Brits, it’s concept of afternoon tea. I love the idea of slowing down for a few minutes in the afternoon and taking a break. It would be a pure indulgence to have a place in the town where I work where I could go after work and before I go home to unwind with a friend and have a cup, or glass, of tea.

It feels a little un-American to say that. After work I should exercise. I should do volunteer work. I should have a second job. I should participate in a sport. I should write a letter to Congress and lobby for my special interest group. We Americans don’t have time to waste on something as inconsequential as TEA.

The hell I don’t.

Between my responsibilities on the job and those at home I SHOULD take a few moments to relax every day. Maybe it should involve tea and scones or maybe, in the summer, the occasional Dairy Queen Blizzard. Maybe I could even go for iced tea and an apple. It doesn’t matter what the snack is, what matters is that I take the time to relax and collect my thoughts.

Does the notion feel like a guilty indulgence? On the surface it sure does. But I think it’s a small thing that could benefit my life in big ways. So here’s to Tea Time done my way. A few minutes of relaxation and quiet that is a gift - from me to me. I feel better already.

KC Kendricks


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Julia Matthews said...

Love a good cup of relaxing tea. So much inspiration can hit while sipping a cup of warm tea.

KC Kendricks said...

I know! It's getting to that relaxed moment so I can think that gives me trouble.

Kristin said...

There used to be a very nice tea place in Indianapolis called "Teas Me". It was like a little coffee house but sold a variety of tea instead.

I find a cup of warm tea with milk relaxing. But it's the relaxing that counts, I agree.

KC Kendricks said...

That sounds like a neat place to stop and unwind. Thanks for stopping by the blog!