Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Y is for Yard Sale

April 29, 2014

2014 A to Z Blogging Challenge
A Rural Life
Day 25

Y is for Yard Sale

I’ve had a great time getting this far and must confess I’m quite pleased to be on the verge of completing my fourth year of doing the challenge. This year, 2014, I’ve been blogging about My Rural Life. It’s sort of like Walton’s Mountain meets the big city. It’s my life and the forces that come together to make my unique world. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed the 2014 A to Z Blogging Challenge as much as I have. And remember - tomorrow is the last day, so check back!


Step into the Way Back Machine with me for a moment. The year is 1977. Early summer. I’m driving my 1969 Camaro through town as a girlfriend and I head for the new shopping mall. We pass a large, hand-painted sign that declares YARD SALe for the world to see. Yes, that’s a small e since they ran out of room on the piece of plyboard. My friend and I agreed someone didn’t plan their sign very well and then we pondered the meaning - what the heck is a ‘yard sale’?  Being 1977, this was something new to us.

We rounded the next bend and there it was - the yard sale. These people had tables scattered all over their front yard. Clothing hung on ropes suspended between the pillars of their front porch. Naturally, we stopped and shopped. I remember getting no less than four cassettes of popular music for a dollar but not much else. I recall this because at that time 8-tracks were the thing and finding cassettes was difficult. No Amazon in those days.

Anyway, my friend and I decided we should have our own yard sale and her yard was in town and on a busy residential corner. We invited a third pal to join us, picked a Saturday, and prayed for good weather. I raided my belongings, my mother and grandmother tossed in a few things they wanted to get rid of, and off I went.

We had a blast. I made about $70, which in 1977 dollars was almost a week’s wages. I didn’t have a lot left to take home, either. None of us did. We agreed we’d love to do it again, but we lacked enough “stuff” to make it a success.

So we pocketed our money and met up the next weekend to search for more yard sales with bargains on things we might need or want. And what did we find? Some of the very items we’d sold were priced for sale a nickel or dime higher on someone else’s tables.

We still laugh about it.  

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