Saturday, April 19, 2014

Q is for Quiet

April 19, 2014

2014 A to Z Blog Challenge
A Rural Life
Day 17

Q is for Quiet

Winter, spring and summer can have the fog. It’s lovely autumn that claims the mist.

I took this photo one misty Saturday morning in late September. I’d been outside on the patio, wrapped in a light blanket, long enough to drink a cup of coffee. It was QUIET. The birds weren’t even singing as if they, too, enjoyed the silence. No wind rustled the leaves as two deer walked silently through the backyard, wraiths in the mist.

Without a sound to disturb the perfect quiet, the sun rose over the mountain ridge and light streamed through the trees. The birds began to sing and the perfect quiet became a lovely memory to share.

 KC Kendricks


Julia Matthews said...

Some times such quietness is more relaxing than the chirping birds, rustling leaves, or even the ocean waves. Quiet can be beyond blissful. Photo is very pretty.

KC Kendricks said...

I enjoy being on the patio early and listening for the first bird. I'm not really crazy, it's that I've always had a dog and the one I have now is a really early riser. He likes to take his morning "stroll" at daybreak so I'm up :)

Christiane France - Author said...

That is a lovely photo. I can just imagine sitting on your patio enjoying the quiet--something that's rare for those of us living in the downtown area of a big city.

KC Kendricks said...

I've never lived in a town. I can't imagine hearing nothing but the noise from traffic all day every day. I get tired of the noise after a day when I go to New York.