Saturday, April 26, 2014

W is for What You Don't Confess

April 26, 2014

2014 A to Z Blogging Challenge
A Rural Life
Day 23

W is for What You Don’t Confess

Welcome to the last Saturday of the 2014 A to Z BloggingChallenge

This is the fourth year I’ve participated in the A-Z and this year it’s been all about My Rural Life. It’s sort of like Walton’s Mountain meets the big city. It’s my life and the forces that come together to make my unique world. 

Today, since it's a busy Saturday in my world, I'm doing straightforward promotion from a "W" book. What You Don't Confess is the "anchor" book in the Men of Marionville series. It's Dylan's story and Dylan is the character who connects all the characters in the series. 

Just a heads up - the excerpt gets a bit steamy so stop reading here if you think it will upset you. 


The look on Cassidy’s face when I opened the door was worth the hour of dithering back and forth over what to wear. I’d insisted tonight was a casual dinner, and so finally settled on dark blue jeans, and a turquoise polo-style pullover to bring up the color in my eyes. Apparently I chose well. My suitor looked me up and down, then blinked - several times. I looked past him, gazing at the black Camaro in my driveway. “Nice car, Cass. One of my friends drives that model, too.”

“Um, yeah. The Templeton fellow. He, um, parked beside me today at the luncheon. I did a double-take when I left the restaurant.” Cass’s left eyebrow drifted up as he gave my appearance a slower perusal.

I watched his eyes move down again, then pause midway, then his gaze flicked up to mine. Amused, I wiggled my hips. “The jeans are new, Cass. Do you like them?”

Cass licked his lips, then swallowed, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he croaked two syllables. “Uh-huh.”

“Well, come on in.” I stepped back, and motioned him inside. “Would you like something cold to sip until it’s time to go?” I closed the door behind him. He reached for me.

“No. I want this.”

I went into his arms willingly, opening my lips to him and letting him coax me into a long, lingering kiss. His tongue licked into mine, enticing me to move closer until our chests and thighs pressed tightly. Back and forth we tasted and tested, moving on the field of a mock battle where we both won. Blood pooled in my groin, and my cock swelled fuller with each rapid beat of my heart. My resolve not to jump into bed with him tonight wavered.

W is for WHAT YOU DON’T CONFESS, book three of the Men of Marionville series. For a longer excerpt and buy links please visit my website at

What You Don't Confess is available now at 
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KC Kendricks


Christiane France - Author said...

Don't you just love a man who knows what he wants?

Comley Charlotte said...

Nice to meet and follow through atoz

KC Kendricks said...

It's not as easy as you'd think to create 26 unique blogs in one month when you work, write and just generally have a life.