Thursday, April 2, 2015

B is for Believe you will

April 2, 2015
Day 2

The 2015 A to Z Blogging Challenge
Many Sundry Things
B is for BELIEVE You Will
* * *

To achieve your dreams you need to believe that you will.

That’s a rather simplistic statement on the surface. Believe that you can. It can be difficult - but it’s not impossible.

After my father died in November of 1983, my mother coped with her frequent insomnia by devouring the romance novels of the day which were mostly Harlequin. Her co-workers kept her supplied and she’d always pass the books along to me. Every once in a while she’d ask if I enjoyed a particular story and I’d always joke, “I could write one like that.”

Being a supportive mom, she always agreed and she challenged me to sit still long enough to do it.

Deep down inside I never doubted I could write a book. I don’t know where that belief came from. Truly. I have no clue. It was simply there.

It was late in 1995 when I first tested that belief. I think I was a bit worried but we’d gotten our first desktop, an HP that we quickly outgrew. I sat down and officially wrote a short story.  What the experience taught me was I would always do well if I remember to believe that I can.

BELIEVE that you can and you will.


Once again this year I have to do a little book promo along the way. You won’t know about my books if I don’t tell you about them, right?

B is for Bored, Stroked and Blueprinted. (If you’re a car buff you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you don’t, go look it up.)

As a boy, Mick Ambrose fell in love with cars. Now he owns and operates an auto restoration shop specializing in all things American Muscle. When the black 1969 Camaro Z/28 he years ago dubbed Onyx pulls into his garage, Mick forgets his first love in favor of her driver, Logan Gregg. Mick’s interested and cruises Logan at a speed worthy of the car he drives.

Logan Gregg’s plan to avoid entanglements in his life drives away when he stops at American
Muscle to ask a few questions about restoring the Z/28 he inherited from his uncle. The owner of the shop is smooth as a well-tuned V-8 engine and twice as hot. Logan is quick to shift gears and take a closer look at Mick Ambrose and the road ahead. When Mick wants to get too close, too fast, Logan backs off. His past holds painful memories he can’t escape and the tattoos on his arms aren’t just for decoration.

Working on the Z/28 brings the men closer, but Mick makes a mistake when he confesses his knowledge of the past Logan wants to keep buried. Mick knows a man has to settle his past to step into his future, but Logan’s unconvinced. To slay his personal demon, he’ll first have to look it in the eye. 

Bored, Stroked and Blueprinted is available at the Amber Allure imprint of Amber Quill Press.

KC Kendricks


Holly Kerr said...

Love how you're doing the promo for your books! And congrats for believing in yourself!!

Stormie Kent said...

I agree KC. Sometimes when you sit down to the keyboard there is only passion for the character/story/craft and a belief you can fill the page. Great post.
I'm blogger 1406 today on A to Z.

Christiane France - Author said...

This is so true. If you don't believe that you can, you never will.