Monday, April 13, 2015

K is for K-cups (and Kentucky 98 Proof by KC Kendricks)

April 13, 2015
Day 11

The 2015 A to Z Blogging Challenge
Many Sundry Things


K is for K-Cups

I remember the coffee from my youth, and I hated it. That’s right. The politically incorrect H-word. I hated coffee.

My parents were tea drinkers and I think I know why. It was better than the motor oil their parents drank. Think about it - back in the day the only way to make coffee was to put the grounds in top of the do-hickey and boil water through it on top of the stove.

AND THEN you let the coffee get cold and if you want another cup later in the day, you REHEATED it. OMG why are we not all dead???? Talk about something horrible!

Thank heavens the world has turned. Twenty or so years ago my partner moved into my place and he brought with him a Mr. Coffee coffee maker. I remember saying “whatever” to him and he pouted. He had this lovely little mental picture of us sitting at the table in the mornings drinking coffee.

Oops. Should have mentioned that before you moved in, hon.  

The world keeps turning and we occasionally share weekend mornings at the dining room table. And yes I do drink coffee now. The K-kup coffee brewer has changed my life. It makes one perfect cup at a time that is COFFEE, not 10W40 motor oil.

I can admit (since he won’t read this) that he was right. There is a sort of bonding that happens when we take the time to sit down by the dawn’s early light and enjoy a cup of coffee together. Sometimes we barely talk and that’s okay. After all these years together we communicate even in silence. Other mornings we chatter back and forth, sometimes with disharmony but that’s okay, too.

But most mornings we’re in agreement of what we’re going to do that day, or the next, or even far into the future. It no longer seems strange to me that such a small ritual can be so important to our day. I hope we’re able to continue well into the future.

Long live the K-cup.


Once again this year I have to do a little book promo along the way. You won’t know about my books if I don’t tell you about them, right?

K is also for Kentucky 98 Proof  - a #1 Bestseller

Victor Carter knows his grandfather only from a handful of black and white photographs, so his surprise when the man’s will is read is genuine. What’s he going to do with seventy acres on the side of a Kentucky mountain? More importantly, how’s he going to survive living there for a year to satisfy the conditions of the will so he can sell the property? Even worse, it’s not like the hills of Kentucky are teeming with gay companionship.

Boone Mosely is Kentucky born and bred with a proud family heritage he can trace back to his home state’s founding. Following in his uncle’s footsteps, Boone’s in his second term as sheriff of Four Points. He takes the job seriously and doesn’t suffer fools - or crime - in his town.

When city slicker Victor Carter arrives on Shepherd Mountain, Boone knows he’s got a whole new brand of trouble to deal with. And this time, the badge isn’t going to help him at all.

**UPDATE January 7, 2017**  Although All Romance eBooks has closed its storefront that does not negate the fact Kentucky 98 Proof was a bestseller at that venue. 

KC Kendricks 


Christiane France - Author said...

This reminds me of the office coffee urn in Montreal. It arrived shortly after 9a.m. with packets of sugar and pots of old motor oil masquerading as creamer, and the coffee stayed warm until the last drop was drunk and someone thought to turn it off. And I wondered why my stomach was always in such a sad state by noon.

KC Kendricks said...

You need a K-cup machine. I think it's a wonderful invention.