Thursday, April 30, 2015

Z is for Zen

April 30, 2015
Day 26

The 2015 A to Z Blogging Challenge
Many Sundry Things

We’ve reached the conclusion of the 2015 A to Z Blogging Challenge. Yep, it’s the last day and the letter Z. I want to thank each of you who stopped by either once or twice, or even every day. Between the Keys is my journal, of sorts. It’s a mix of promo and a conscious sharing of my life. It’s both a simple and faceted view of this writer’s world.  So on to ZEN.


Z if for Zen

The Buddhists have a word for the search for insight into self and the expression of those insights in daily life, especially to the benefit of those around us – Zen. The word conjures up images of peaceful gardens with fragrant flowers and gently flowing brooks.

Zen is a concept lately come to the western world. Travel to the Far East contributed to its spread as did its acceptance by a few of the peace, pot and Woodstock poets. Zen has a tenet that says we are all originally enlightened.

Anyone who has peered with love into the eyes of a child can believe that. There is a point in life where a child is the embodiment of Zen. They are only truly aware of who they are. They don’t have the words for it, but you can see it in their eyes. They are beings of internal peace. It’s developing an awareness of the world that makes them forget that, but that’s a blog for another time. 

So if as Zen states we all start out in life originally enlightened, does that mean it’s possible to reclaim the enlightenment? Can we, through hard work and steadfast belief, once again become a creature of Zen and peace?

When I was a girl, I had this written on my vanity mirror:
“You are yourself and no one else, and within you is a stillness and a sanctuary where you can be yourself.”

That may be as close to Zen as I can get. 


Thank you, each and every one, for traveling the 2015 A to Z Blogging Challenge with me. I hope you'll come back from time-to-time and see what's happening in my world. 

Now when the heck are they going to give us the 2015 Survivor Badge?????

KC Kendricks 


Pearson Report said...

What a great ending to the A to Z Challenge.

About a dozen years ago I began my journey into the world of Buddhism - I'm a work in progress and though Zen is what I strive for, it is at times very elusive.

I think what was written on your vanity mirror is profound - I have written it down and will savour it.

I enjoyed my visits - and will continue dropping by.

Cheers, Jenny
2015 A to Z Challenge Ambassador

Ravyne said...

Hey KC! I am just blitzing through for the A-to-Z Road Trip. I really enjoyed reading your posts for the challenge. They were inspirational and informational! Although I don't read romances of any kind, I enjoyed learning about your characters. I also enjoyed the inspirational tidbits you included along the way. The Zen was great as I am a Zen Buddhist :)

I did the challenge over at Promptly Written. I wrote a science fiction story for the entire month. This blog, The Rattling Bones, is my new one.

Hope to see you next April! ~Lori~

KC Kendricks said...

You need to read romance! I like science fiction - I even have a few space operas under another name - but even SF is better with a little romance.

Random Musings said...

I must admit after the warning about the content on the way into your blog, your posts where such a relief! I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting but it was a lot worse than romance novels! I really enjoyed your posts. I enjoyed reading a little about what your books are about but I loved the fact you also included other things so it didn't feel like it was just an ad for your books. Congratulations on finishing the challenge. Zen was the perfect end to it!
Popping by on the A to Z Road Trip

KC Kendricks said...

Debbie, thanks for stopping by Between the Keys and for the lovely comments! My writing is an integral part of who I am, but it's not the only thing there is to the real me. I try to show glimpses into my life without boring anyone :) Of course, when I have a new book release, all bets are off!

Between the Keys is listed as adult content for people who are easily offended. And I know not everyone likes the type of romance I'm writing under the KC Kendricks brand. So even though I try not to exceed an "R" rating when I do book promo, it's still better to be listed AC.

I've suggested to the Powers That B at the A to Z that perhaps "romance" needs its own category because some of the adult content blogs are REALLY adult content. Not that I think they should be banned or anything like that because I firmly believe the Internet should be open to all. If a blog isn't my cup of tea, I simply click away to someplace else.