Thursday, April 16, 2015

N is for NASCAR (and Netting Neptune by KC Kendricks)

April 16, 2015
Day 14

The 2015 A to Z Blogging Challenge
Many Sundry Things

N is for NASCAR


Do you turn left at 200 miles per hour?

Say the word NASCAR and the part of the USA you live in will determine the reaction you get. During the War Between the States, Maryland was a border state. So it is with NASCAR. I live in one of the three most western counties in Maryland and friends and family are conflicted. Do they admit they like NASCAR or hide it like a dirty family secret?

Me? I don't hide it. I’m out and proud. I love NASCAR.  Do I have a favorite driver and a favorite team? Yes – Stewart Haas and Tony Stewart. It’s been a few tough years for Team #14 but I look at it this way – Tony will come out of this time a stronger, better person with a more seasoned outlook. And Danica Patrick? I hope Danica will continue until she gets a win. 

I confess to enjoying American muscle cars in general. My fascination with fast machines is what led me to be a race fan, not the other way around. It may not be politically correct, but give me eight cylinders and a minimum of three hundred horses under the hood and we’ll just see who gets to Loch Lomond first.

KC Kendricks


Once again this year I have to do a little book promo along the way. You won’t know about my books if I don’t tell you about them, right?

N is for Netting Neptune

Theron Bowman is in the throes of a mid-life crisis. At forty, he needs to make some serious decisions about his future. He splurges on a two-week vacation in the Caribbean, and like everything else in his life, things go horribly awry and he ends up working to pay for his room.

Forced by his father to break ties with his family, Colby Denton came to rest on St. Lucia, and opened an exclusive resort. To celebrate his tenth year on the island, and his birthday, Colby arranges for a series of festive beach side parties. When a sexy sea god swims out of the ocean in front of him, Colby has a brand new plan – netting Neptune.

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KC Kendricks

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