Tuesday, April 28, 2015

X is for Xanthippe (or the Ill-tempered Woman)

April 28, 2015
Day 24

The 2015 A to Z Blogging Challenge
Many Sundry Things

X is for Xanthippe (or the Ill-tempered Woman)


And so we’ve reached Day 24 of the A to Z Blogging Challenge and the letter X.

This is a joke, right? X? We have to do X?  Hell’s bells but X turns me into a Xanthippe. A what? An ill-tempered woman.

With two days to go, the most difficult, most maligned letter shows up. Of course this is annoying. I wonder how many people get to here and give up?

The truth is I work hard not to be a Xanthippe. Being ill-tempered and shrewish is too accepted these days, especially in the writing world. It’s a way of getting attention and upping the number of hits on a blog. But it’s a trap.

There are those who think it’s great fun to be the topic of conversation regardless of what’s being said. It’s my opinion that it’s better to rise above it. Play at being a Xanthippe for too long and you may become one for real.

It’s not a chance I want to take. Xanthippe is not what I want for my legacy or on my tombstone.

KC Kendricks


Once again this year I have to do a little book promo along the way. You won’t know about my books if I don’t tell you about them, right?

X is for ….I guess you don’t get a promo today. 

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